In recent times, it has become so easy to go under the knife to add body features that are desired or remove those that are not desired. All that is needed is the right amount of money and a good doctor.  It is well known that lots of men are drawn to women with huge boobs and butts. Having a pretty face just isn’t enough for some of them .This is one of the main reasons why women get silicone implants.

Men have been known to be attracted to curvy ladies for a number of reasons. Curvy ladies are believed to be good cuddle partners because their thick body implies more body fat and more body fat implies more body heat. Being voluptuous has many advantages. Thick girls don’t have to worry too much about picking an outfit for any occasion. On work days, a curvy body looks very good in a jumpsuit or high waist skirt. On a casual occasion, a voluptuous lady could also rock bum shorts.  When relaxing on a beach, a curvy lady looks ravishing in bikini bottoms.

Scientifically, it has been proven that women with thick thighs and huge butts are more resistant to chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes. They also tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and are likely to metabolise sugar more.

Having a big booty helps in the process of pregnancy and child birth. Some women suffer from tail bone pain during pregnancy, which can be exacerbated with childbirth. Women with big butts are less likely to experience this. Also, having a big butt implies the presence of excess Omega-3 fats which are known to be a catalyst for brain development. Children born to women with wider hips are believed to be intellectually superior to children born of women with smaller hips.

Any lady that loves to be the centre of attention should consider having a thicker body. A curvy lady doesn’t just draw the attention of men only but also that of women. Having a voluptuous body structure can go a long way in boosting a lady’s self-confidence.


The curvier the better. This is a saying that some men live by. Having a sexy body to accompany that cute face is just the bomb. Other than the fact that it boosts sex appeal, being voluptuous also has its own health advantages.