When a woman is referred to as a BBW, it means she is plus sized. BBW, of course, stands for Big Beautiful Woman. Some men don’t know they love being with plus-sized women because society has stereotyped them as being unattractive. This has made some plus sized women want to slim down just to gain acceptance in society. However, in recent times, plus-sized women have begun to become recognized and loved for who they are. Some men would rather be with a plus-sized lady rather than slim or average sized ladies. It is just their personal preference. Their big tits and curvy butts are mainly what capture an admirer’s attention. Some men love BBW’s because if their hips. They love the fact that they can grab onto something when dancing or sharing a kiss.

A recent survey has shown that 70% of men that love BBWs are over the age of 35. Unlike women who are said to fall in love with their hearts, men are said to fall in love with their eyes. A man who is a fan of big tits or big butts would most likely be drawn to a BBW. Being with a Big Beautiful Woman has its advantage. Cuddling at night gets so awesome and epic because their body fat keeps you warm. Their massive, succulent boobs can serve as a pillow to rest your head on. Men who love to grab some ass or boobs during sex and are yet to be with a plus-sized woman don’t know what they are missing. The abundance of their boobs and ass just makes sex more erotic. It is believed that plus sized women love to try out almost anything when it comes to sex. For men who love hard-core sex, having a plus sized woman grind you and weaken your bones might just be what you are looking for. They can also find it exciting that they can choke themselves with her huge boobs.

Being with a plus-sized woman can be adventurous. Their physique gives you the chance to explore their body and try out new things. Men who love naturally big boobs and butts prefer a BBWs to a slim lady that has gone under the knife. The fact that some of them get even bustier with age just makes you love them more.


Plus sized women have gained more acceptance in recent times. Some men prefer voluptuous women to slim or even average sized women because of their extra-large boobs and butts. Their larger features are all natural and not silicone implants.