You haven’t really been dating girls in LA, and you don’t know much about the dating scene. Being surrounded by so many attractive people can be overwhelming in a place where image defines cultural norms. Here are some tips to make your experience less intimidating.  

Make Friends

Improve your odds of finding a partner by making friends. If you meet someone you share interests with, you’ll probably hit it off with their friends as well.

Location, Location

A commute of the magnitude of Santa Monica – Highland Park could prove very frustrating. A bad date isn’t worth such a long time in traffic. If you’re meeting someone on the other end of town, make sure parking is available.

Meet People IRL

Check out groups on the basis of shared interests. When you meet in real life, you won’t run out of things to say. In LA, you can choose from concerts, hiking, wine sampling events, photography, and many other groups. People meet in trendy spots, so even if you don’t hook up with anyone, you’ll still enjoy yourself.

Know the Local Quirks

When experiencing romantic disappointment, locals flock to the mini-marts on Sunset Boulevard. The lovelorn discuss prospective partners at cool diners like Brite Spot. Magic Castle and other Hollywood hotspots are a great choice for a first date. They are shrouded in an air of exclusivity.

Traffic is a Killer

When someone in LA invites you to their home, you have to use two separate vehicles to get there, then hope street parking doesn’t ruin it all.

Create a Good Dating Profile

You’ll probably turn to the internet to increase your chances of partnering up with another lonely heart in this golden Californian city. Here are some tips for creating one that will stand apart from the rest and leave a positive impression.

Grammar Matters

We tend to rush through things like grammar when creating a dating profile, too focused on the content itself. However, many people are turned off by poor spelling and grammar.

Update Your Profile Regularly

Now and then, refresh your profile with relevant information about yourself and your life.


Researchers asked, “Would you rather see a big smile or a sexy pout in a dating profile picture?” An overwhelming majority of respondents chose the former.

Hope is Never Lost

LA is very different from cities like New York, for example. People here exist on a far more sculpted and curated level. If you’re new to the City of Angels, this is something you might feel frustrated about. You’ll find many people here to be insecure, yet enabled in dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors by their high salaries.

You simply need to give it time. Ultimately, LA will help you build confidence and overcome the stereotypes that seem to be everywhere.