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Do Men Really Like Watching BBW Porn?

A couple of years ago, runway models had the supposedly ideal body-size and this compelled women to go on a weight loss spree with bouts of self-hate. Luckily, the beauty trends are changing, and we are now embracing thicker and voluptuous bodies. Besides that, the average woman today packs a couple of extra pounds at Size 16.

On top of this, most men have had the opportunity of interacting with BBW on dates, at work, school, and they get fantasies that make them want to watch videos.

Drake made it cool to like and love BBW, but some men are still in the closet on whether they should watch BBW and plus-sized porn. With that said, do men like watching BBW porn? The short answer is yes, and here are the reasons why

They have a Big Girl Fetish

Men are attracted to different types of women, and the list of fetishes in men is limitless. A lot of the men have the fat girl fetish; some are open about it while others are not. The bottom line is that they watch BBW porn to quell the fire of their fetishes.

For some men, watching BBW and plus-sized porn videos rekindles memories of big women in their past, maybe their grade school teacher. For another group of men, they have never had first-hand experience with a big plus-sized woman, and free porn with big women is the only way they can explore their fantasies.

Redefined Beauty Standards

Today, music videos are focusing on thick girls with voluptuous bodies, and this has translated into the porn industry. The society is more accepting of bigger women, not only in fashion and entertainment circles, but also in bedrooms.

Most men will watch BBW porn because it is more relatable to the average woman they meet every day. It would beat sense if the men were still hung up on skinny models, when they will meet and interact with BBW women every day. Therefore, men will watch BBW porn to acquaint themselves with the best positions should they get lucky.

Power Dynamics

There is a rise in the number of sexually submissive men, and domineering BBWs are their perfect sexual partners. The large physical presence makes BBW women appear dominant, and the men watch BBW and plus-sized porn videos to know how to get themselves off.

For men with the BBW fetish, they get fulfilment by watching the BBW squashing and crashing other sexually submissive men or women. With that said, professional BBW squashes charge a hefty fee, and the men will be reserved to watching porn and place themselves in such a scenario.

BBW Porn Videos Are Sexy

We have seen it all, skinny women with huge breasts, tiny waists, and small asses have been turning heads in the adult entertainment industry. BBW babes on the other hands are free spirits, confident in their skin, size, and sexuality and this makes BBW and plus-sized porn videos very sexy and sensual.


Power Dynamics

Modern porn is full of pornstars with fake breasts and asses, and while most men like that, fake becomes tiring very fast. BBW women have brought a much-needed breath of freshness in regards to natural breasts and ass. Out of curiosity, men are watching BBW women in porn videos now more than ever to feed their curiosity of natural bodies. Besides, it is very satisfying watching the women jiggle their natural assets.


In the age of free porn, BBW women have become a big hit in the porn industry. Men are either watching BBW porn, out of curiosity or satisfying a fetish. With that said, it all comes down to preference, but BBW porn is irresistible on some days.